Native American Indian History

facts about native american indian history

Native American Indian history goes back to prehistoric times, much of what we know today involves their encounters with European settlers – and the relationship was less than perfect.

Christopher Columbus ca,e in contact with Native Americans when he landed. He took advantage of their generosity by forcing them to work for free and even enslaved Natives in the Americas.

Farther north, the first successful European colony was founded at Plymouth, in what we now know as New England. Native American Indian history tells the story of a good relationship between natives and settlers, at least to begin with. A Patuxet named Squanto helped the colony learn to plant corn . He also helped the settlers negotiate a treaty with Chief Massasoit, ensuring a period of peace between the tribes and the pilgrims.

While the Spanish first came to the New World in search of riches, the settlers at Plymouth were fleeing religious persecution in England. Many died on the journey, and during the harsh winter months in Plymouth, yet many more would have lost their lives without the help of the natives.

Native American Indian history is complex and tribes spread out from the east Coast to the west. The Plains Indians hunted bison and used the entire animal for most of their items, including food, clothing and tools.

They were among the first equestrians and were fiercely resistant to American expansionism. Chiefs like Sitting Bull have gone down in Native American Indian history as heroes among their people.

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